Friday, November 10th, 2006

W3C Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

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Arve Bersvendsen of Opera let us know about the new working draft from the W3C: Widgets 1.0.

Everyone and their mother have created their own widget specifications, and now as a developer you need to make choices. Do you want it to work on Dashboard? Google? MSN? Yahoo!?

If the big hitters supported this widget standard then we could write once, widget everywhere. Kinda :)

This draft is similar to the opera widgets implementation, but it also has info from Apple’s Dashboard, and the auto discovery support was based on the work in Atom Autodiscovery.

This standard will live and die by the support that it gets. Now is the time to give feedback, and see where this train goes.

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Please-o-please let’s make this work, and let’s make firefox do what IE4 did with Active Desktop so we won’t have to live with all these different implementations please!!!

I really see a market for widgets, but people will have start finally working together to make cross-platform-widgets with neat and secure ajax support in it a fact…

Comment by SchizoDuckie — November 10, 2006

To elaborate on Dashboard: The covered part of Dashboard is the Widget object interface, and what is specified is supported in Opera 9 and up.

Comment by Arve Bersvendsen — November 10, 2006

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Widgets 1.0 (W3C Working Draft)

Write once, widget everywhere !

剛看到一篇新聞,說 W3C 推出了 Widgets 1.0 çš„ working draft。現在市面上有太多大同小異的 widgets 架構了,有 dashboard widgets、Google Gadgets、MSN Live Gadgets、Yahoo! Widgets,天知…

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Comment by hotele bolesÅ‚awiec — June 17, 2007

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Comment by Tribulus — October 1, 2008

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