Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Wachovia Bank: Ajax in the mainstream

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Garrett Langley shared that Wachovia bank is using Prototype and in their online banking application.

In particular they use XHR to make calls for BillPay data, and use for the transitions and effects.

Wachovia Bank

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:20 am

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For me this is pretty exciting. I hope that more banks begin to catch on and implement nicer interfaces for their applications. My bank uses some 3rd party service and frankly its complete crap. Not only is the login process a pain but the actual value and usefulness of the tool is very low. Beyond checking my account balance I stay away from it.

Comment by Philip Plante — May 23, 2007

PNC Bank seems to be using a nearly identical interface, re-skinned — created by a third-party provider, or copied? They are also using, prototype, and firebug (firebugx.js)

Comment by David — May 23, 2007

USAA also has a virtually identical billpay interface…so, any guess at the vendor?

Comment by Adam — May 23, 2007

The billpay interface and entire SSO/Online Banking application is developed by CheckFree Corp ( which recently acquired Corillian. They do this stuff for other big banks like Suntrust and a few other smaller banks.

Comment by Garrett Langley — May 23, 2007

My bank ( a small local bank ) also has this same interface. It is actually quite useful. When you click in the amount field, it shows you your recent payments and dates for that biller.

Comment by Dave — May 23, 2007

Yeah – my Credit Union has the same application, it is nicer than before. This definitely isn’t Wachovia’s development.

Comment by Terry Bone — May 24, 2007

As stated by others this UI is used by multiple banks. Although it beats what my bank had before it’s still a bit klunky IMO. Neat effects and things popping up and down are all well and good but if no one thinks through the workflow the nicest effects lead to a bad user experience. I would give this UI a C if I were grading it.

Comment by Joe — May 26, 2007

I’ve a jar library of checkFree SSO solution, but my project developped in .NET technology. Have you any information about same SSO library of CheckFree corporation, but compatible with .NET ?

Comment by Paul — August 22, 2007

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