Monday, August 25th, 2008

Want a Free Pass to The Ajax Experience?

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That’s right, a free pass! We are raffling off one free pass to The Ajax Experience show in Boston, September 29 – October 1. That means that you can attend the $1495 event for free, courtesy of

There’s no catch. We are giving away one free pass to The Ajax Experience. The free pass only includes entrance to the event, so if you don’t call Boston home, you still have to cover your own travel and hotel.

How to enter: Click here and enter your information in the form by Friday, September 5th. Please make sure to enter a working email address. Then we will pick one name out of a hat and one of you will receive a free pass.

We look forward to seeing you at The Ajax Experience next month!

Posted by Carolyn House at 9:15 am

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Well, who would mind that ;)

Comment by V1 — August 25, 2008

$1495 for an event pass? Wow! Web programmers are billionaries! XD

Comment by andytesti — August 25, 2008

and by draw from a hat you mean select random index from array of contestant objects?

Comment by keithnorm — August 25, 2008

In fact when you draw the “rabbit out of the basket” why not create an Ajax Application while you record it which does the random picking…? :)
That way none will “question” the “randomness” afterwards and you’ll get to code and have ANOTHER article which also will be “selling” the Ajax Exp.

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 26, 2008

record it == video/youtube blog…

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 26, 2008

BTW, what does it take to become a speaker at the Ajax Exp.?
I don’t (obviously) however have the money to neither pay for my flight ticket nor the Conference Pass… ;)

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 26, 2008

Thomas: We have a call for papers before the show; submitting a paper is the best way to get in. This year we had *tons* of submissions and was really difficult to choose those we eventually accepted. Next year we may do a community voting system instead; literally every submission was interesting in its own way and was torture to have to reject some.

Comment by Ben Galbraith — August 27, 2008

I really hope I win this… it doesn’t look like I can convince my company to send me…. this might be my only way in!

Comment by JeromeLapointe — August 27, 2008

I just received a “runner-up” email offering $300 off the full price for reg admission. Everybody else get the same?

Comment by creppie — September 11, 2008

creppie: Yes, I received the same email offering $300 and that I was the runner up (+ a promo code). I just lost a little respect this site now that I found out this email was a scam. The entire contest was probably a scam.
I don’t know if I will visit as much anymore.

Comment by cgishack — September 16, 2008

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