Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Want to Use AIR? Read About the Dojo Toolbox Development Effort First

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If you’ve ever been curious as to what goes into building a Adobe AIR application, then read Kevin Dangoor’s account of how the Dojo Toolbox was built:

Building the Dojo Toolbox allowed us to dive into Adobe® AIR™, and to create a blended toolchain of JavaScript, PHP, Python and Rhino (JavaScript on the Java Virtual Machine) for developing an amazing desktop application using open web technologies. Read about how we built the Toolbox and what we really think of AIR.

His explanation provides a nice high-level view of some of the challenges but blends in some granular details to such topics as SQLlite querying and file management.

The second challenge was moving to AIR’s security model. AIR provides two different kinds of sandboxes that code can execute in: the “application” sandbox and the “non-application” sandbox. The windows that you see in the Dojo Toolbox all execute their code in the application sandbox. By AIR’s rules, that means that they’re allowed to access any site on the internet and any files on disk. What that code isn’t allowed to do is dynamically evaluate more JavaScript code.

This is a good read for anyone looking to explore Adobe AIR further and leverage the platform in the future.

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AIR is dead easy. I’ve used jQuery and Dojo in it.
SQLite quirk that got me for awhile: It doesn’t support reading the master table, so introspection (checking which tables exist already) requires figuring out a bunch of pain-in-the-ass Adobe functions.
Mostly everything goes the way you want it to, and you only have to worry about WebKit (no checking multiple browsers).

Comment by Nosredna — September 9, 2008

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