Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Washington Post Using SVG and VML

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I was reading a Washington Post article when I saw a cool diagram at the bottom of the page:

I did the standard ‘right-click’ test to see if it was Flash, and was surprised to find it wasn’t. Digging deeper, I found that they are using SVG on the page to render an interactive graph where you can find out more on the subjects mentioned in the article. Here is a screenshot of Firebug going into the content of the diagram, showing that it is SVG:

Clicking one of the subject circles updates some extra content below the diagram with further articles:

On Internet Explorer they are using VML. Evidently this is a widget the Washington Post is using from a company named Evri (more details on the Evri/Washington Post work).

[Disclosure: I work on the Open Web Advocacy team at Google]

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 6:30 am

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Thanks for the mention Brad. The Evri team was very excited to bring SVG to the Washington Post. We are doing all of our SVG (and VML) rendering via the Raphael javascript library (including the graph we generate on pages like this one about Javascript.)

Comment by ryankuykendall — February 24, 2009

Raphael library … I did not know it, I love the simplicity to add events over shapes, I think it could be the basement for a Flash 6 MovieClip like library. Excellent stuff and good choice for Evri. Regards

Comment by WebReflection — February 24, 2009

Nice find! I can only dream of a time when SVG replaces Flash. For now, we can only hold on to hope with every little widget that takes advantage of this great standard.

Comment by dimitryz — February 24, 2009

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