Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

WaveMaker IDE offers deployment to Amazon

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WaveMaker, the IDE that Dojo helped build (with a ton of work from the team) has added support for cloud deployment to Amazon:

The biggest problem with cloud development platforms to date has been lack of portability. For example, what if I want to move my cloud application from Coghead to some other platform? Answer – you can’t.

WaveMaker changed that today by releasing the first open-source IDE for the cloud. With WaveMaker, you are no longer locked in to developing for a particular cloud. You can access our studio by downloading our open source version or access the cloud version of the studio directly (hosted on Amazon EC2).

On EC2, we are using Rightscale to manage scaling, load balancing and failover for our multi-tenant studio. We have also integrated with Elastra to provide scalable database connectivity.

Here are some things you can do with WaveMaker’s cloud edition

  • On-site or on demand development: create applications with the open source studio (download to your desktop).
  • Portable cloud deployment: with one click, deploy applications to the cloud, to the desktop or to the data center.
  • Open source cloud IDE: migrate applications from the hosted cloud version to the free open source version whenever you want.

The WaveMaker cloud edition beta is free for development. Deployment will be through a paid Amazon machine image (AMI), with pricing starting at $0.30 per hour.

Very nice indeed! Give it a butchers!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:40 am
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