Thursday, February 28th, 2008

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio 3.1.1 Released

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WaveMaker has just released a new version of its open source Visual Ajax Studio v3.1.1. It is similar to TIBCO GI, but built on top of Dojo with JavaScript output that is very terse and even looks like something you may have written (which is rare indeed for a tool).

Studio lets users create database- and web service-driven Ajax web applications using a wysiwyg visual designer. WaveMaker helps users create simple applications without any scripting knowledge, while developers can easily add Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Java code to create complex application behavior.

Studio is a web-based application that leverages the Dojo Toolkit to create pages containing widgets and Dojo Dijits. Users drag and drop to create complex page layouts containing the Dojo grid, Dijit based forms, Google Gadgets, and a variety of other included widgets. Developers can even author their own widgets and include them directly in the designer.

A Java-based backend provides access to database, web, and user created services. Applications are deployed in a standard WAR container for use on a variety of Java application servers. For ease of use, Tomcat is included with the installer. It’s also possible for Ajax developers to use their own backend with Studio generated web pages.

Wavemaker Visual Ajax Studio is available under the open source AGPL version 3 license as well as a commercial license. Download Wavemaker Visual Ajax Studio at

WaveMaker 3.1.1

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it’s about time! well done. …and browser based too!

Comment by commercehelper — February 28, 2008

Thanks – it’s even more recursive than that ;-) The Visual Ajax Studio is a Dojo app that was built using the studio . Kinda like the commercial where the punch line was “you’re soaking in it.”

Comment by ckeene — February 28, 2008

Simply: WOW!!!

Still watching the screencast, but I believe they did a fantastic job! I will try to build some apps with that, just for fun. Even tough I am one of those purists that try to always do it on their own without taking advantage of such great stuff :)

Comment by polysign — February 29, 2008

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