Monday, August 28th, 2006

Web 2.0 Patterns

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Gregor Hohpe got together with a wild bunch to come up with some Web 2.0 Patterns. The group contained Bill Scott from Yahoo!, Jennifer Tidwell, Cal Henderson from Flickr, John Musser who runs ProgrammableWeb, Martin Fowler, Sandy from Meebo, and others.

One fall out was a set of values:

We tried to compile a set of values, along the lines of the Agile Manifesto. The key with the agile values is that is used a “X over Y” format where Y by itself is a fairly reasonable goal. For example, the value is not “Working Software over Broken Software” (duh!) but “Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation”. Here are some of our candidates:

  • Simplicity over Completeness
  • Long tail over Mass Audience
  • Share over Protect
  • Advertise over Subscribe
  • Syndication over Stickiness
  • Early Availability over Correctness
  • Select by Crowd over Editor
  • Honest voice over Corporate Speak
  • Participation over Publishing
  • Community over Product

I am sure another fall out will be a new O’Reilly book ;)

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Proliferation over slow stable growth

Comment by Brian Hoffman — August 28, 2006

Buzz over traditional marketing

Comment by Dana Hanna — August 28, 2006

Cash over burn rate!!

Comment by Andy Rutledge — August 29, 2006

“Advertise over Subscribe” vs. “Honest voice over Corporate Speak”. Most advertisers are corporations who certainly monitor what is being spoken on the web 2.0 sites on which they advertise. What is it that makes web 2.0 site owners more resistant to corporate speak than other publishing mediums?

Comment by Scott Meade — September 18, 2006

It rings of the tabloid reporters’ adage, “Don’t get it right, get it written”

Comment by Ted — August 29, 2007

well, i like the total idea of web 2.0 very much, the main thing of web 2.0 is its simplicity, I’ve implied it in my new site . I want some feedback!

Comment by mp3 — January 19, 2008

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