Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Web 2.0 Startup

Web 2.0 Technology Experts/Developers (Hands-on)

This is an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity for Web 2.0 technology experts who have a passion and commitment for starting a hi-tech internet company with a distinctive value proposition.

Only serious-minded entrepreneurial candidates, who are willing to work with like-minded dynamic spirited entrepreneurs, may apply. Candidates applying now will be considered Co-founders, and will play a crucial role in product strategy and development.

This position is currently not a full-time position but will require 10-20 hrs/week of your time to begin with. Candidates who have full-time positions, but are willing to strive after work-hours for an entrepreneurial opportunity may apply as well.

Job interview will entail the following –

  1. Informal meeting with the current founders
  2. Assessment of entrepreneurial spirit, commitment levels and mutual expectations
  3. Demo of candidate’s work done using Web 2.0 technologies
  4. Team skills

Desired Experience

Candidates are expected to have 7+ yrs hands-on experience in Web technologies, building innovative web-based user interfaces. Candidates with lesser experience but with a great attitude and technical expertise in the latest Web 2.0 technologies will be considered as well.

Ideal candidates are expected to be smart, quick-on-take, nifty with prototyping in the following technologies:

  • AJAX
  • RSS
  • Web standards (XHTML, DOM Scripting, CSS)
  • Desktop widgets (Konfabulator)
  • Flex
  • OpenLazlo
  • Smart Clients and AVALON
  • Experience in Audio, Video technologies is a plus

How to Apply / More Info

Note – Though the primary location is San Jose, CA, remote candidates can also apply.

Contact: Usha K,

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:39 pm
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