Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Web ComboBox V3

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eBusiness Applications has released version 3.0 of their Web ComboBox.

If you visit their demos you will see examples of all types of combo boxes. I had no idea that you would want so many options!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:26 am

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Just an FYI that not a one of these work with Safari.

Comment by Jason Levine — June 2, 2005

Excellent demos for applications. I like.
For Jason: These are just demos, if you want to make a good work compatible with many browsers, just modify to apply your requirements. IMO.

Comment by Leandro Ardissone — June 2, 2005

I’m aware of that, Leandro — but if I’m on a Mac and don’t have an alternate browser installed, I can’t even see the demo to see the functionality.

Note that Ajax is not only possible in Safari, but there’s nothing special to implementing it, so I’m reasonably baffled why the examples don’t work.

Comment by Jason Levine — June 2, 2005

Well. Perhaps I’m too stupid, but these demos not only fail miserably in Safari, but also in Opera8. What a shame for a “professional” product. Both browsers are compatible enough imho. But that happens often to ajax demos in the net – gecko-based browsers and IE are supported – other implementations aren’t. Dunno why – especially since toolkits like exist.

Comment by graste — June 3, 2005

You know whats funny about that link you just sent? (twilightuniverse) Moving the mouse around quickly crashes IE every time. Not so robust after all. ??

Comment by alexeiwhite — June 3, 2005

Has anyone seen an open-source library that does the same thing?

Comment by Alex — June 3, 2005

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