Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Web Developer Collection: Packaged up Firefox extensions

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Over the years we are have mentioned many Firefox, and Firebug plugins to aid us Web developers. Wouldn’t it be nice to subscribe to a bundle of these tools? The Firefox Add On team has now given us that ability with Add On Collections:

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature to our website that will expose the niche add-ons that can be hard to find, and gives users a more active role in helping outstanding add-ons bubble to the top. One thing we’ve learned as add-ons have grown in popularity over the years is that once a user finds an add-on they love, they become a fan for life. We see this all the time as people recommend add-ons to their friends and write great reviews.

You will notice the Web Developer collection that features:

What is missing? What should be on the list?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:22 am

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I’d add “Cache Status” for a quick cache clearing.

Comment by theKryz — June 10, 2009


Comment by pawel — June 10, 2009

I would add Google PageSpeed. or maybe instead of YSlow.

Comment by ThaVinci — June 10, 2009

Total Validator is needed for W3C. It performs multiple validations and take screen shots in one go. This 5-in-1 validator works with external, internal, or local web pages using the Total Validator service or local copy of the desktop tool…

Comment by AxelGiqueaux — June 10, 2009

My favourite add ons which are not in the Web Developer collection:

– Dust-Me Selectors, for finding unused CSS-rules
– Firecookie for viewing cookies in Firebug
– FirePHP, when debugging the backend
– Google Page Speed, a bit more advanced than YSlow
– Tamper Data, a bit nicer than Live HTTP headers
– View Cookies, just because it’s mine ;-)

Comment by edwinm — June 10, 2009

FireRainbow – Javascript syntax highlighting for Firebug

Comment by drwin — June 10, 2009

View Dependencies

Comment by wmchristie — June 10, 2009

I’d suggest CLear Cache Button over CacheStatus. Simpler one click button on toolbar.

Comment by gmariani — June 10, 2009

Almost forgot FlashTracer for debugging Flash (with the debug Flash player)

Comment by gmariani — June 10, 2009

Firefinder for Firebug

Comment by MorganRoderick — June 10, 2009

Essential unlisted plugins for me are URLParams and JSView. Obviously, developers differ here; so it’s nice to now be able to group them in a collection to share (even if it is only to myself on a different box). I wouldn’t be too interested in having RSS updates; once you’re running, you’re gold – but an intial jumpstart is most welcome. thx mozilla!

Comment by bibby — June 10, 2009

HttpFox for those edge cases when you’re not looking at XHR traffic

Comment by genericallyloud — June 10, 2009


Comment by macem — June 10, 2009

DNS Flusher.

Comment by superintelligentshadeofblue — June 10, 2009


Comment by ErikY — June 10, 2009


Comment by macem — June 10, 2009

firecookie and firefinder

Comment by WillPeavy — June 10, 2009

and html validator

Comment by WillPeavy — June 10, 2009

Page Speed

Comment by fjakobs — June 10, 2009

I would definitely include:

Google Page Speed
Selenium IDE

Another nice one, but not a necessity would be:


Comment by vthakr — June 10, 2009

I’d add Robert Nyman’s:

Inline Code Finder

Comment by NICCAI — June 10, 2009

Selenium-IDE and XPather

Comment by pnewhook — June 10, 2009


Comment by dalangalma — June 10, 2009

Obtrusive JavaScript Checker
Easy to use and very intersting for debug.

Comment by mogly — June 11, 2009

Fiddler with firefox

Comment by gohilumesh — June 15, 2009

Google Page Speed must be in the list!

Comment by JenHogan — June 23, 2009

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