Friday, August 17th, 2007

Web Forms 2.0: Cross Browser Implementation

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Weston Ruter has created Web Forms 2, a cross-browser implementation of the WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 specification. This specification is currently a mature working draft and has been adopted by the W3C HTML Working Group to serve as a starting point for the next version of HTML. This implementation will follow the HTML 5 specification that evolves from the W3C process.

So far it features:

  • Extensions to form control elements
  • The repetition model for repeating form controls
  • The forms event model: Form validation
  • Fetching data from external resources (with the data attribute)

Weston has a test suite to play with.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:45 am

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the test suite is really impressive. can’t wait for html 5. the only problems are getting the browsers to support it when it comes out and getting people to upgrade.

Comment by Tony Petruzzi — August 17, 2007

I believe the point of this library is that a lot (if not all of) HTML 5 will work in current browsers (see list on site for tested browsers), as the JavaScript library will fill in the functionality that the browser doesn’t provide.

In the future the support will be native, but we will probably need a library like this until the market share overwhelming supports the spec. Ideally, the library would be able to test to see if the native support is provided, and only run if it is not provided.

Comment by Shawn Lonas — August 17, 2007

@Ric – XForms is a whole new language. WF2 is a simple extension to HTML.

Comment by Dean Edwards — August 17, 2007

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