Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Web Inspector Enhancements

Category: Utility, WebKit

Leland Scott let us know about the Web Kit teams latest Web Inspector debugging tool.

On downloading a new build of WebKit today, I found that Web Inspector finally can provide those critical Metrics and Properties of each DOM element on my web pages. And boy, have they done a great job in the implementation! Every bit as cool and functional as the original bits, so I can now get all the details on any element of the page with a right-click of my mouse (control-click for some folks) and a simple selection of “Inspect Element.” Now come on Firebug fans, don’t you wish you could inspect an element that easily?

Seriously, though, Web Inspector’s chief virtues—the characteristics that have made me anticipate this day for so long now—are its ability to let me quickly focus on one part of a page at a time, and to just as quickly and easily expand the scope of my focus to take in a larger context.

I can’t wait to have this in a non-nightly build, but rather in Safari itself!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:25 pm

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Are we pretty much stuck with the Tiger version of Safari until Leopard? Or do they release newer versions as interim updates?

Comment by Rob Sanheim — August 21, 2006

Bummer it’s only for safari.
Would like to see a similar tool for Firefox.

Comment by DaanK Interworking — August 21, 2006

Bummer its only for safari.
Would like to see this as an extension for firefox

Comment by DaanK Interworking — August 21, 2006

If I recall correctly, nightly builds also include the long-desired ability to “skin” INPUT elements (presumably the usual form stuff, in general.)

Comment by Scott Schiller — August 21, 2006

with firebug it’s f12+inspect and then point and click, very convenient to look through more nodes than just one by moving your mouse around

Comment by poni — August 24, 2006

DaanK Interworking moron, Firebug extension for Firefox is better.

Comment by Sebhelyesfarku — September 7, 2006

FYI, if you can get your hands on a build of Leopard, you can enjoy the Web Inspector in Safari now. Plus many other goodies that leapfrog capabilities in the other leading browsers (for now). (Leopard is surprisingly stable given it’s not even reached a beta phase yet. I’ve been able to use it pretty much nonstop since moving my accounts & prefs over.)

Comment by Leland Scott — September 12, 2006

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