Friday, March 16th, 2007

Web-O-Random: Random Website Viewer

Category: JSON, Prototype, Rails, Showcase


It must be Friday. Web-O-Random is a new website I created to spend hours exploring random websites the Ajax way ;). A list of URLs is fetched from the server, placed into an animated carousel/slider component, and you can then navigate through the carousel to preview the websites.


  • Server is Rails-based, accessing URLs from the Open Directory Project (as Active Records). Uses the Prototype Carousel component by Sebastien Gruhier, in turn based on Yahoo!’s carousel Scriptaculous is used for some effects.
  • URLs are fetched via JSON calls.
  • As with WebWait, site is loaded into an IFrame with event handler to determine when it’s been loaded (in Firefox).

More info in this blog post and the FAQ.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 12:19 pm

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don’t host a pic of imageshack and make it available on a popular blog…. silliness.

Comment by naterkane — March 16, 2007

Way to host an image on ImageShack… ;)

Comment by Robin — March 16, 2007

Its like Stumbleupon, but web 2.0… and rubbish.

Comment by Pete — March 17, 2007

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