Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Web Standards Project (WaSP) creates JavaScript Task Forces

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David Flanagan has pointed us to the fact that WaSP has recently announced the launch of the DOM Scripting Task Force “to promote “unobtrusive” JavaScript programming using the W3C DOM”.



Unobtrusive JavaScript at work

David also discusses JavaScript Closures and the scope chain…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:36 am
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This is a very laudable initiative when using ajax/dhtml to enhance web pages, and I guess that this is where the majority of ajax development is still taking place.

On the other side, though, Ajax can be used to deliver complete applications inside a web browser. If these apps are going to be somebody’s workhorse day in day out, then it seems reasonable to impose limited support to recent standards-compatible browsers, and have the javascript as a crucial, integral part of the system, rather than an enhancement to something that’s also got to work in an older browser, or one with the javascript switched off.

Key question, I guess, is how much time your user is willing to invest in using your app. Mandating a specific browser is tantamount to asking them to run an installer program. If the app is going to be used often enugh and intensely enough, then they may decide that its worth the effort.

Comment by Dave Crane — July 21, 2005

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