Thursday, November 12th, 2009

WebGL Musical Solar System

Jacob Seidelin has brought us amazing Canvas work in the past. Now he gets into WebGL:

In my quest to get to know WebGL better, I’ve gradually been building my way up from the standard “paint one triangle” tests to more and more advanced things. Never having touched OpenGL before, this is all a nice learning experience for me and I can now render not only one but two triangles at once as well as cubes, spheres and what have you. There’s been some nice progress around the web as well, most recently with Yohei Shimomae’s Cube Defense, a tower defense like game built with JavaScript and WebGL – probably the first WebGL game ever but hopefully many will follow!

Without further ado, here’s my own first, small pet project: A solar system of dancing planets.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:20 am

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WebGL is great for the flexibility it offers by giving you direct access to openGL calls. However, I’m still a fan of O3D.

Main reasons are:
1) WebGL, being 100% dependent on JavaScript to do an application’s scene graph, is going to have serious problems drawing more than a few pieces of geometry at 60hz except in very special cases or on very fast machines.

2) Both WebGL and O3D will be used to enrich web applications rather than creating videogames. My point here is that we’re not likely to see game developers switch to the web. We’re much more likely to see web developers start working on games or application involving 3d graphics, and this is where Google wins – With O3D as a web developer I can keep writing JavaScript code as I’m used to without having to change the way I think to how a game developer does.

Also O3D could be expanded to become effectively a DirectX for the web. Imagine having the ability to connect the people who’re using your app directly P2P without having to go through your server. Then we’ll see social games flourish!

Comment by SAPessi — November 12, 2009

Jupiter has rings.

Comment by Nosredna — November 12, 2009

Very very interesting

Comment by Tol7tik — November 12, 2009

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