Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

WebKit and KHTML sitting in a tree…

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With so much talk of new browsers to support, it is great when consolidation happens. The good news of the day is the unforking of KDE’s KHTML and Webkit.

This is great news for Webkit. Now the communities of Adobe, Apple, Nokia, and the good folk of KDE will continue to grow Webkit.

Now, KHTML won’t be deleted right away since there are features in it that need to be ported into Webkit. For example, KHTML (in KDE 4) implements portions of the definition of the CSS3 standard, which will need to be adopted into Webkit and so forth. But the big deal is that the coders that invented the underlying layers that power Konqueror, some Nokia browsers, Abrowse, Safari, Adobe’s Air, and now Epiphany and a few other projects that are in the works, are now back in the fold. Additionally, Trolltech has announced that they are including Webkit in their upcoming Qt 4.4 release which means that a major, cross-platform toolkit now permits anyone to use the Webkit rendering engine where ever they need to render some HTML.

In open source terms, this may be as big of a deal as the gcc and egcs merger of yonder days. KHTML and Webkit are definitely coming of age. The KDE developers, responsible for the original creation of KHTML, are dedicated to seeing this unforking happen and are taking a leading role in that effort.

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Actually both Nokia and Adobe use Webkit, not KHTML, so this news doesn’t mean that “Now the communities of Adobe, Apple, Nokia” will continue to grow Webkit… they already are and have been.

Comment by Kit Grose — July 25, 2007

I hope Gnome Desktop will use webkit

Comment by Benoit Caccinolo — July 25, 2007

you can already use webkit on gnome (or gtk rather) its in the SVN trunk

Comment by carmen — July 25, 2007

Breaking news Microsoft gave up IE and now sends all their developers to break WebKit. Just joking :)

Comment by Sergej — July 26, 2007

@carmen, thanks for the news I’m gonna look this!

Comment by Benoit Caccinolo — July 26, 2007

Adobe Air uses Webkit !

Comment by Marian — November 9, 2007

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