Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

WebMonkey Checks out the Flex-Ajax Bridge

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The folks over at WebMonkey have posted this look at one of the latest offerings from Adobe – the Flex-Ajax Bridge. It’s a simple library of functions that allow Flex applications to interact with the Ajax side of things.

I clicked on the link and I was transported to what is now called the Adobe Labs website. In front of me, there was a small page entitled “Flex Framework:FABridge” with text describing a new library of code allowing Flex applications to interact with Ajax apps.

He not only talks about what the software is, but also what it looks like, how it works, and a walk-through for an example to get you started. There’s even screenshots to help you figure out your place for each step. There’s code provided to create the bridge between this sample app and the Ajax.

Now that they’ve laid this basic foundation, they get into the “slightly more difficult stuff” – working with more complex features, like user interface items, in the sample app. He finishes this off and wraps it all up with some of his own thoughts on the status of the Flex bridge project now, including a hopeful look towards the future of its abilities and ease of use.

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Wait, didn’t Webmonkey close up shop a few years ago?

Comment by Joe Grossberg — May 4, 2006

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