Thursday, September 27th, 2007

WebRunner 0.7 Released

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Adobe’s AIR runtime gets a lot of press for bringing web apps to the desktop but Mark Finkle’s WebRunner is looking to be an alternative force in this space.

WebRunner is a simple XULRunner based browser that hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface.

WebRunner 0.7 was just released with improved configuration capabilities and file system organization. New webapp bundles have also been added for Facebook and Twitter to compliment the existing profiles for:

  • Gmail
  • Goggle Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Groups
  • Google Analytics

WebRunner and the webapp bundles are available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Posted by Rey Bango at 7:00 am

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Sweet – and cross platform to boot!!

Comment by Jim — September 27, 2007

@ Rey: It looks like a cool project, but with “alternative force” do think a relatively small (but cool) project can provide serious competition to Adobe and Microsoft? As cool as it is, I think it will be more of a niche product.

Comment by Jep Castelein — September 27, 2007

Very good. I’ve been interested about project like this before 2 years. The major problem is the implementation part if you decide to do project with this – you need to install it on every machine :) Otherwise it’s a nice!

Comment by Nik Chankov — September 29, 2007

@Jep: The same question was asked when they launched Firefox. I never disregard the little guy. :)

Comment by Rey Bango — September 29, 2007

Adobe is pushing its product hard, but let’s not pretend that it’s a completely new and unique thing. There ware already a number of projects for this.

Javeline brought out the first version of deskrun half a year ago. Check out this release article on Ajaxion.

Comment by Arnold Daniels — October 1, 2007

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