Monday, June 7th, 2010

WebStorm: JetBrains goodness for the Web

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I jump between vi, textmate, and IntelliJ when coding. I am a long term IntelliJ IDEA fan (I actually long for IDEA 3 when it peaked for me as a lean editor without millions of plugins) and a lot of people think of it as a Java IDE company. In recent years it has diversified greatly, and they just renamed their Web IDE as ‘WebStorm’, and just showed off some HTML5 goodness within.

The JavaScript, HTML, and CSS support in WebStorm is top drawer, so I would recommend you giving it a try!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:03 am

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I switched from Eclipse to Netbeans a while back. I find they both have their good and not-so-good points. I guess I’ll give this one a chance and see what it has to offer. If they think they can charge money (even a low price like $40) for something in a FOSS world, they’d better have the goods. I’d be interested to hear what other readers of this site are using.

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — June 7, 2010

I am going to give this IDE a try. Been looking for something that can autocomplete YUI code, and am not a fan of Aptana.

Comment by jlizarraga — June 7, 2010

I’m still stuck on Komodo: Works across all the languages I use, including jQuery autocomplete support, it’s fully cross-platform and F/OSS (Komodo Edit/OpenKomodo)… I haven’t needed anything else since I found it 3 years ago. Is webstorm worth paying for? Let’s see if it sticks around.

Comment by doublerebel — June 7, 2010

I like less aptana every day, I ll give it a try to this one.

Comment by CharliePops — June 7, 2010

I just tried this IDE, what is amazing me is it can outline your code very well, much better than Esclipe (the worst), and even better than Netbeans(not bad at all). It has very detailed basic javascript libraries such as DHTML, ECMAScript.

Comment by darktalker — June 7, 2010

it’s fast and accurate editing js. I don’t know how to include autocompletion for yui3, i’m very disapointed by the PHP support, overall seems really good, but netbeans and jedit are too close(and support very well my non java toolchain) to justify a fee.

Comment by devsmt — June 8, 2010

Trying it out for a few days now, other then code competion in comment tags, I like it better then Aptana/Eclise or netbeans. Especially love the git support it has.

IntelliJ is a more complete IDE but with a higher pricetag (too high for me), for frontend, Webstorm is definatly worth considering.

Comment by BenGerrissen — June 8, 2010

@devsmt: i guess that’s why exists phpStrom ;)

Comment by CharliePops — June 8, 2010


As CharliePops said, try PhpStorm. It’s WebStorm but with PHP support.

As for YUI3 code completion, what you’ll need to do is downoad the full YUI3 package to your local machine, and then add that directory as a “Content Root” under you project’s “Directories” settings. After the IDE scans all the files, you’ll have code completion for YUI.

Comment by jlizarraga — June 8, 2010

I love the HTML/CSS/JavaScript-support in WebStorm, phpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA.
Try the Zen-coding, it’s really cool. E.g. type>tr*5>td*2 and then hit tab.

If you let $40 decide which IDE to spend your days in, I feel sorry for you. Choose whichever you like the most.

Comment by rlovtang — June 8, 2010

Also, I like the new FTP support. Nice to be able to upload a file to your web host in a click.

Comment by rlovtang — June 8, 2010

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