Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Weelya Announces Ajax Push Engine (APE) v1.0

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The team at Weelya announced v1.0 of the Open source APE JavaScript Framework & APE Server, their comet-based push engine created to ease the client/server communication.

New features in APE 1.0:

  • New and improved communication protocol :
    • Entirely using JSON and fully extensible.
    • Several commands can be nested in one request.
  • New transport methods :
    • XHRStreaming : A single connection is used to send and receive data. Better performance
      and reduced transfer delays.
    • JSONP : Allows to place «cross-domain» requests.
  • Support for BSD & Mac OS X (running the APE server) implemented by using KQueue
  • ServerSide JavaScript (SSJS) Implemented by using TraceMonkey (Mozilla SpiderMonkey)
  • Mootools support on the server side.
  • Complete Server-Side JavaScript API:
    • Handling of users, RAWs, Commands, Channels, Sockets
    • Use of non-blocking sockets (Client & Server)
    • MySQL connector module
    • API for doing external HTTP requests
    • WebHooks
  • Log files for errors, access and general information

They’ve also created an online comic book to get you familiar with what APE is all about.


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Not to be confused with http://dhtmlkitchen.com/ape/

Comment by BenGerrissen — December 15, 2009

Something is missing : It’s open source (GPL2 for the server and LGPL for the JS framework)

Comment by paraboul — December 15, 2009

Is this CommonJS/JSGI compliant? This would be great if it is.

Comment by kriszyp — December 15, 2009

kriszyp, it’s planned (at least for the require()/module system)

Comment by paraboul — December 15, 2009

Interesting, we are currently in the process of reviewing comet services to be used in our new project. The Ape sure has potential, but I really wished the required client side JS library would have been a custom build and not depending on a library.

If we add the ape, combined with mootools it will added unneeded overhead to our project as we are not using it as core framework.

But nice project, will see how it goes in the future.

Comment by V1 — December 15, 2009

@v1 The APE JSF use mootools, but it’s sandboxed inside an iframe, so you can use the framework of your choice with APE!

Comment by efyx — December 15, 2009

Awesome product APE is a great use of up-and-coming web implementations and OO client-side JS, nice work Weelya!

Comment by csuwldcat — December 15, 2009

I tested with two browsers (chrome and FF) there is 0 lag time with APE, very impressive.

Comment by jaimz — December 16, 2009

Thanks, Ben.

APE (the original, not the knock-off) was started in 2007. No effort has been spent on SEO or marketing.

I was surprised when adsense ads for “APE JavaScript Framework” appeared in my gmail last August, I looked and found:-

yeah I’ve spend a lot of time on optimizing the SEO on ape website.

APE is hosted on GitHub, and currently licensed under AFL 3.0:

Comment by dhtmlkitchen — January 2, 2010


Just for you know, AJAX Push Engine was started in 2006 (as you can see in each files headers (i.e. http://github.com/APE-Project/APE_Server/blob/master/src/raw.c)

Comment by paraboul — January 3, 2010

intresting thanks for the update

Comment by Tribulus — January 14, 2010

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