Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Weezu: Social Web Browsing

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Weezu is an IE (Firefox coming) plugin that allows you to chat to other users on the same website.

The plugin is 100% JavaScript, and uses the Dojo toolkit as the core platform and widget provider (which is interesting as Me.dium choose Dojo too).

It seems like a lot of companies want to get more social. I wonder if users want that, and if so, how many?


Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:20 pm

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“social” is the new “AJAX”

Comment by Karl — December 26, 2006

I’ve tried to use it. But couldn’t find anybody else. :-)

Comment by Andrew — December 26, 2006

well then.. Social is a hard word in the internet… what is social when nobody know about? or, when just geeks know about.. we are de spected public? I think… to be social, the product(productor) need to be famous, that is the question. Share, share all you want to be social… and be happy

Comment by camilo — December 27, 2006

Seems pretty dumb to release a product like this without a Firefox version. I’d bet 90% of the products market uses Firefox.

Comment by Jacob — December 27, 2006

no thanks, using this on your site is a “social” invitation for “chatters” to spam the hell out of your legit site users/visitors.

Comment by Andy — December 27, 2006

I think is a new way to mmet people, to have some help on website. Webmasters have anything to do, it’s just a plugin it’s web site independant. You can activate/desactivate the plugin when you want !
It’s easy, no need to be a geek to use it, anybody can try it and see…
You’ll not meet lot of people now but be patient, it’s available since few days only…

Comment by gwalarn — December 28, 2006

Hi, please let me give a couple of answer to the comments so far…

We are definitely working on the FF version, it should be out quickly. Is is dumb to start with the IE one ? We know about a dozen similar efforts to embed some social tool to the browser, however Weezu is the only one to be available on IE, and general current statistics still give 70 to 80% use in favor of IE over FF… Ok now, we believe the right approach is to offer both, and we’re working hard on it, promised :o)

Comment by francois from Weezu team — December 28, 2006

A very similar social/community/chat plug-in is available for Firefox. Chatsum (http://www.chatsum.com/) is currently in beta development but allows users to chat between other users on the same web page, whilst also allowing you to leave messages and notes behind for others to read. Worth a look if you prefer the land of the Firefox!

Comment by Paul — January 1, 2007

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