Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

WetPaint.com – Building a Better Wiki

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WetPaint.com is a new take on the wiki site style, providing the user with some more Web 2.0 kinds of interaction with the site. The allow for the normal wiki community growth and contributions, but adding/editing information in the pages is nothing more than a click away.

Why not come up with a way to harness the collective thinking of people with first-hand knowledge on subjects like health, jobs, world events, or hobbies? Then, instead of relying on so-called experts, real people with real experience would become the experts.

We were convinced then, and even more certain today, that, if you put thousands of heads together to solve a problem, give advice, or share a point of view, the results are always truly astonishing.

Their effort is to try to make a better wiki system – it make sharing information on topics simple through the use of advanced Javascript interfaces and Ajax transfers. Editing the contents of the page is a simple, on-click action, and several foratting options are already built into the interface. Tagging the pages makes it simpler to find the right content, and, using those tags, there’s a sidebar search (with tag cloud) that adjusts its results as you’re typing.

They have a demo site as well as some samples if you’d like to try it out.

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I’m still waiting for someone to make a wiki with an actual whiteboard component. like a scratch pad (flash based or whatever) where I can draw! I need this.. somebody write it for heaven’s sake! :)

Comment by Alexei — March 7, 2006

It’s not Ajax, but TWiki has a drawing plugin built on a Java applet.

Comment by Joel — March 7, 2006


Chalk.it does that kind of thing, but unfortunately the launch is still pending.

Comment by PeteCashmore — March 7, 2006

[…] WetPaint: Better Wiki is a new take on the wiki site style, providing the user with some more Web 2.0 kinds of interaction with the site.   […]

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Web 2.0 Style Wiki

It’s inevitable that these two proven web appliance concepts are going to be married sooner or later. Now we finally have a peek into a sample implementation.
Wetpaint is your average Wiki implementation powered by Web 2.0 via (what else) AJAX….

Trackback by HTNet — March 7, 2006

Will it be hosted or downloadable? Free or commercial? What platform does it run on? Is it db based? What db’s are supported?

Comment by Dagur — March 8, 2006

This multiuser flash drawing should be available in about a couple of weeks if not sooner. http://www.floint.com

Comment by Seth — March 8, 2006

Where can I download the source ? is it open ?

Comment by popf — March 9, 2006

[…] I just returned home from tutoring CS students at school and happened upon this post about an Ajax wiki called Wetpaint; currently it is in beta. This is the first site that I have seen exploring a RIA wiki (besides this one of course ;). […]

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[…] Wetpaint is a new wiki platform that just came out of Beta. I remember reading the hype about it in March and also reading the follow up post on Threadwatch a few days later entitled “WetPaint new on Friday, Old by Sunday”. I signed up to be a beta tester and got an invite, but after a careful review, I gave it a big thumbs down. […]

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Comment by 9qzzi — August 17, 2006

i want to know if wetpaint is seo friendly??

Comment by Nitesh Pednekar — September 27, 2007

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