Monday, July 31st, 2006

What is Mobile Web 2.0?

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On the Web 2.0 Journal today, there’s a new article from Ajit Jaokar asking for a real definition of what “mobile web 2.0” really means.

I see Web 2.0 as the Intelligent web or ‘Harnessing Collective Intelligence.’ Mobile Web 2.0 extends the principle of ‘Harnessing Collective Intelligence’ to restricted devices. The seemingly simple idea of extending Web 2.0 to mobile Web 2.0 has many facets.

He lists out these facets – restricted devices, building for these devices, and what characteristics can be learned from them. He defines restricted devices in several ways including having one or more of these characteristics – easily carried, battery driven, limited input means, but not wearable.

He gives the iPod as a reference to show a good web/local PC model for mobile devices, a PC-powered interface to provide mobile content to a portable, easy to use device. This is more of a static idea than most think of when they think “mobile web 2.0”. More often, they think of methods to use things such as Ajax in a cellphone’s web browser. He suggests, though, that this is not “mobile web 2.0” – it lacks the user generated compontent.

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I really enjoy when someone decides what really is or really isn’t this or that or should or shouldn’t be called this or that.

Who really cares if my app can be called “2.0” or if it should be called “1.9” because some guy thinks “2.0” means something deep?

Even funnier when they talk about some “pure definition” of terms on which most people don’t even agree on the meaning (because they’re really 99% hype and marketspeak).

Comment by Gonzalo — July 31, 2006

Too right Gonzalo! Get a grip people.

Comment by kim3er — August 1, 2006

[after smoking a joint]

wow, look at the clouds man…

Comment by Hubris Sonic — August 1, 2006

Who Wants to Develop Web Apps on Microsoft

Ajaxian asks whether IE7 XHR is native, well, sort of. After being case-blind throughout its existence, Microsoft finally gives up on case-blindness and makes IE7 XmlHttpRequest case-sensitive….

Trackback by Hasan's Blog — August 1, 2006

Ok, then what is Web 1.0 and what Web 1.5 ? There is so much technology and unless somebody doesn’t make the whole “scale” the definition will be biased leading Web 2.0 = Holy Grail. Somebody will always think he is doing the right thing while the guy next door is not doing it the 2.0 way.

Comment by Milan — January 28, 2007

I think is mobile web 2.0… try it

Comment by Brian Fowler — August 26, 2007

Check out this new mobile service, http;// , it’s the first Mobile Wiki Platorm, which combines mobile web 2.0 smart client on the phone and “traditional” web 2.0 AJAX stuff for your web account.

Comment by Thierry Brethes — October 22, 2007

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