Friday, June 16th, 2006

What Would World Wide Web Developers Do?

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While not specifically Ajax-related, I definitely think that this new post on Jeff Attwood’s blog shares some very valuable information about the environment we all develop in – web browsers – and the usage trend he’s seeing on his site.

To get an idea of what web developers are using — as compared to typical web users — take a look at the comprehensive w3schools browser statistics, picking up from mid-2004 when the Google statistics end.

Quite a difference from the other browser market share statistics; IE 6.0 is dominant, but not overwhelmingly dominant to the tune of 95% market share at its peak in late 2004. It’s also interesting that despite being five years old and generally reviled by most serious web developers, IE 6 usage has only dipped ten percent from its historical peak on w3schools.

There are a few other statistics mentioned, including the fact that around 10% of web developers have javascript disabled and only 17% of developers are using a resolution higher than 1024×768.

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On I see over 60% of visitors using Firefox with 6% Safari and 5% Opera. Part of that may be explained by the AJAX blog, part by the user experience design blog (lots of Mac users), and maybe another part (the large number of Linux users) by the presence of the infrastructure blog. It’s certainly not a typical web audience.

Comment by Dietrich Kappe — June 16, 2006

I posted stats for at

IE 46.8%, FF 36.2%

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — June 16, 2006

Hmm, well one might want to consider the code examples on W3Schools – they all cater to IE technologies (XML Data Islands, ActiveXObject) without mentioning alternatives that would actually enable your code to work in other browsers.
It’s quite possible that I’ve missed some articles to the contrary, but W3Schools is definitely not a reliable source for web developer stats, in my humble opinion.

Comment by Asbjørn Clemmensen — June 16, 2006

It seemed like only IE and firefox will be winner in this area. They are supported in most of modern framework, such as dojo, jsLINB

Comment by linb — June 17, 2006

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