Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

What’s not in HTML 5?

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In Mark’s latest installment of This Week in HTML 5 he delves into what ISN’T in the spec:

It has been suggested (1, 2, 3, &c.) that HTML 5 is trying to bite off more than it can metaphorically chew. It is true that it is a large specification, and it might benefit from being split into several pieces. But it is not true that it includes everything but the kitchen sink.

For example, HTML 5 will not

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A note about having a JSON parser: The upcoming ECMAScript 3.1 spec is meant to define the API for this. So really, we get it anyway.

Comment by Unfocused — November 11, 2008

“mandate that browsers display a progress bar during file upload”

WTF, Mikko? You want to mandate what colour grundies I wear while I code it too?

Comment by jtresidder — November 11, 2008


the keyword was “not”

Comment by TNO — November 11, 2008

Why do you assume that “HTML 5 will not allow authors to localize the “Browse” button that represents a file input control”?

Have you checked if browser vendors are not willing to implement the lang attribute in this control?

Comment by samaxes — November 11, 2008

>>the keyword was “not”
My take was that the article was a list of complaint about the things missing from the spec. Read that way, jtresidder’s comment makes perfect sense.
Sort of a “I can’t believe how big this spec is, given all the things I want that are missing.”

Comment by Nosredna — November 11, 2008

The article is poorly worded “what is NOT included” as all those this should have been implemented.
Support for client-side-includes? Come on! Who’s the developer that doesn’t know to use include() (or similar function in other programming languages)?

Comment by miller76 — November 11, 2008

Some of the developers floating around that mailing list apparently…

Comment by TNO — November 11, 2008

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