Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

When can I use a given Web feature?

Category: Browsers, HTML, Standards

When can I use… is a nice site that Brad Neuberg mentioned which does something that we have been looking to do. It gives compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and others.

Great stuff!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:28 pm

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Great list. Shows how uninvolved IE is in HTML5. I’ll probably retire before we might be able to take a serious look at using HTML5, waiting for Internet Explorer 8 to expire.

Comment by Jadet — February 11, 2009

Hang on…so IE8 suports querySelector() but not getElementsByClassName()…?!

Comment by kissmyawesome — February 11, 2009

Amazing site! I’ve always wondered why such a thing did not exist and was even tempted to create it myself. Glad someone else did the tedious stuff! :D

Comment by LeaVerou — February 11, 2009

Why is Internet Explorer so red?

Comment by Nosredna — February 11, 2009

By the way, Opera 9.5+ also supports text-shadow, not only Opera 10+.

Comment by LeaVerou — February 11, 2009

hey guys,
Any one know what JS can we use to make IE6 CSS2.1 compatible?

Comment by aw2xcd — February 12, 2009

Great, so basically we’re waiting for IE to die before we can use any of these things. That’s just special.

Comment by Chiper — February 12, 2009

More and more, I’m wondering if in a couple years we don’t see a real segmentation in web apps, where IE users get square corners, static graphics rather than animations, etc. Almost as if IE were a stripped down cell phone browser, while Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox get the full attention of developers.

Comment by Nosredna — February 12, 2009

Microsoft needs to cut the cord with the corporate world (that still use IE6 internally) and get in line with the rest of the world. IE should not be that red, especially with IE8. I’m very disappointed with IE8!

Comment by mmastro — February 12, 2009

Let’s face it, MS is not really bothered about making IE any good because that would eliminate the need for their big hope – Silverlight. I think it is about time that we started inserting “Best viewed in Standards Browser” links on our pages.

Comment by alexkearns — February 12, 2009

I guess this list shows how stupid Microsoft is ! it is making the world so much harder for us ! I am sick of hacks for IE 6 and 7 in my code.

Comment by behrangj — February 12, 2009

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