Sunday, March 30th, 2008

When rich websites go bad…

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We love to showcase good uses of Ajax, but sometimes you have to show the anti-patterns too. Hema is a dutch company that recently tried to revamp their online site, but went a little too far.

Hema Online

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:46 pm

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Love it!

Comment by Glen — March 31, 2008

So you can’t actually use the site to buy things anymore, right?

This might have been cool as a YouTube video.

Comment by bander — March 31, 2008

Actually, that page seems to just be a prototype for fun. If you go to and click on the online store, you get at

The doesn’t even seem to be accessible from the main site.

Comment by gbevin — March 31, 2008

What with Dutch Companies who are revamping their sites and early April Fools Day pranks?..

Comment by keeto — March 31, 2008

Actually, this little ‘trick’ has been in their site for about 3 months now. I think it’s a great example of what to do with your marketing budget when you have too much of it.

Ofcourse, it’s just an attention-getter because of the launch of the new site, there *is* also a webshop that does actually work ;-)

Comment by SchizoDuckie — March 31, 2008

Actually this is a brilliant marketing ploy.
Think about it, they captured your attention long enough to show you every product they sell (Or at least a bunch of them)

Comment by dustint — March 31, 2008

Love the whole Rube Goldberg effect. Of course this is Flash ;-)

Comment by Sean Foushee — March 31, 2008

I hope this post on ajaxian is done with a wink, because everybody can see that that page is not ‘their site’ but just a flash movie used for promotion. As ‘gbevin’ allready mentioned, it is ‘ofcourse’ not accesible.

Besides… Hema is quite big in the Netherlands.

Comment by vitrus — March 31, 2008

What does that site have to do with AJAX? It is in flash.

Comment by Site Smart — March 31, 2008

very nice!!! yeah but it’s in flash

Comment by gunjack07 — March 31, 2008

@SiteSmart: Feeling a bit cranky this Monday? What’s wrong with a bit of a humorous tongue in cheek post now and then.

Comment by shypht — March 31, 2008

flash, not ajax… maybe you should delete this post before you’re embarrassed further. maybe you should try putting some ajax on this site?

Comment by boodie — March 31, 2008

@everyone: I’m very confident that Dion is aware of the technologies used on that site and was simply trying to post something humorous. Please relax and enjoy the fun.

Comment by Rey Bango — March 31, 2008

Awesome!!! :D

So is what happens when I forget to close my tags? ;)

Comment by Carbon43 — March 31, 2008

Flash !== AJAX

Comment by Chris Phillips — March 31, 2008

…ajaxian is wrong with people? No ajax in there, oh my god, close this site RIGHT NOW! What if my friends come and visit ajaxian?
Found out that site a while ago. It was fun… and it was (is) flash… my mom still loves me.

Comment by Miguel Benevides — March 31, 2008

Haha, that’s awesome. They should have done that for April Fool’s.
@Everyone: You guys need to lighten up. This is just a humerous post, it’s not meant to be serious.

Comment by musicfreak — March 31, 2008

@ all the OMGers. The post was a joke. Dion knows that its flash….jeeze….gotta spell everything out these days.

Comment by Carbon43 — April 1, 2008

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