Monday, January 5th, 2009

Who needs Flash? Having fun with Canvas and SVG

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Over in SproutCore land, they have been talking about Peter Bergstrom and his amazing work with Canvas and SVG:

Peter Bergstrom has been doing some amazing work with SVG and canvas tags in his SproutCore-based these project called PaperCube.  PaperCube visualizes citations their relationships between authors.  Watching the videos of his project, you’d swear he was using Flash or Silverlight, but its not.  He’s using only native web technologies powered by SproutCore and JavaScript.  It’s a great example of what’s possible using the browser’s capabilities today.

Checkout PaperCube’s Node Graph (SVG),  Per Year View (SVG), and Paper Tree (pure HTML).

Starting to get goose pimples about 2009 :)

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I’ve done some realtime visualization stuff. I’m always frustrated with how slow IE6 is, and I have to make allowances for it. I think that’s one of the remaining advantages of Flash–IE6 users, despite having a piss-poor browser, usually have a relatively up-to-date version of Flash.
The best thing about Flash (or Silverlight) is that it’s pretty much a single target. You don’t much worry about which browser it’s in.

Comment by Nosredna — January 5, 2009

The workaround is to write your code so that it can run in the browser, or in Actionscript. It’s not easy, but it is feasible. I use GWT to make it more tractable, but in essense, you can implement the WHATWG Browser Canvas API on top of Flash, and move the most performance intensive parts of your code into ActionScript.

Comment by cromwellian — January 5, 2009

This makes me think of the Jit –
That guy has done some pretty cool stuff with js visualizations.

Comment by emehrkay — January 5, 2009

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