Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Why Ajax is Disruptive

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Dion Hinchcliffe makes some good points in Why Ajax Is So Disruptive. What he’s saying here is that Ajax is more than a suite of technologies, but a new way of doing things. It’s an important point, because there’s a lot of people who assume Ajax just means a fancier UI, and is not central to “Web 2.0” in the same way as RSS, tagging, “social whatever-ing”. Then there are many others who go the other extreme and simply equate Web 2.0 and Ajax. Dion’s post finds the right balance: Ajax alone is not Web 2.0, but is still a critical, disruptive, part of the Web 2.0 equation.

Dion discusses several disruptive aspects of Ajax:

  • The End of Software Upgrades, Fixes, and Security Patches.
  • Software and Data Available Wherever You Go
  • Isolated Software Can’t Compete with Connected Software
  • Deprecation of the Traditional Operating System
  • Software That Is Invisible

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AJAX is a dream concept. Today’s AJAX adoption can be compared to adoption and popularity of older days of Windows 1.0.

Windows 1.0 made new era in OS market. AJAX is relatively new and already started for long journey!

Michael has mentioned very true points why this go ahead of traditional software. In fact in future, we will be using only internet version of software or interactive software. And traditional software will be limited to industries only.

Comment by kunal asodaria — July 21, 2006

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