Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

WidSets: Nokia Mobile Widgets

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Nokia has released widgets for the mobile world: WidSets.

This means that you can create widgets for mobile phones just as people have gotten into creating widgets for the desktop and webtop.

If you take a peak into the example widgets you find that you need to create:


Simple configuration parameters.

  1. <config>
  2.   <!-- These are used to define initial widget parameters. -->
  3.   <parameter name="widgetname">Example widget</parameter>
  4.   <parameter name="feedurlrss"></parameter>
  5. </config>


The look and feel piece looks a little familiar but a little foreign. Check out the styles:

  1. <skin name="Example widget" version="0.1">
  3.   <!-- Styles used by the widget -->
  4.   <styles>
  6.     [bg]
  7.       background: grid background 15 11 12 11
  9.     [feedIcon]
  10.       align: left vcenter
  12.     [feedTitle]
  13.       font-1: small
  14.       color-1: #000000
  15.       align: left vcenter


The widget file itself:

  1. <widget name="Example widget" version="0.1">
  3.   <info>
  4.     <creator>
  5.       <user>username</user>
  6.       <date>7.6.2006 12:00</date>
  7.     </creator>
  9.   <!-- Configuration of servicehandlers which the widget needs to operate -->
  10.     <service type="syndication" id="feed1">
  11.       <reference from="feedurlrss" to="feedurl"/>
  12.     </service>
  13.   </services>

Soon someone will create a meta widget API that generates widget code for the various widget platforms :)


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Well, 20 minutes later and I’m still not connected with my Nokia 6682 w/ Cingular. Their forums seem to be active so we’ll see how soon I can get some support.

Comment by Andrew Herron — October 4, 2006

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[…] Agile, Configuration, EJB, XML Dion posted a story about Nokia’s new mobile widgets. This will be very cool if it’s as good as it sounds. However, what got me was the XML-based config – three separate files for config, skin, and widgets. The widget config: XML: <widget name=”Example widget” version=”0.1″>   <info>     <creator>       <user>username</user>       <date>7.6.2006 12:00</date>     </creator>   <!– Configuration of servicehandlers which the widget needs to operate –>   <services>     <service type=”syndication” id=”feed1″>       <reference from=”feedurlrss” to=”feedurl”/>     </service>   </services> […]

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Nice info!

Comment by ricarde — November 15, 2007

Will Check it out

Comment by ravi2288 — December 28, 2008

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