Friday, December 21st, 2007

Wii Opera SDK

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Daniel Gump has created a set of wrapper classes to form an SDK for Opera on the Wii which covers different ground compared to the Wii Remote API that we posted about


  1. Comm – Allows communication between players online
  2. Drawing – Plot polygons and images to a drawing canvas
  3. ThreeD – 3D matrix math for polygons and hidden surfaces (General)
  4. ThreeD – 3D matrix math for polygons and hidden surfaces (FPS optimized)
  5. Wiimote – Wii Remote input and motion interpretation

Now I can finally build “The Wee Game” that I have been promising myself.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:08 am

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The libraries draw.js and 3d.js are usable (after a few modifications) with all canvas supporting browser platforms.

Comment by Christian Effenberger — December 21, 2007

Slightly related Wii news:
You can use the Wii mote to make a cheap whiteboard system and then create a web app to interact with it. I love the possibilities.

Comment by jdalton — December 21, 2007

Thats a very useful set of functionality… will add Wii games to my ever growing list of “one day” programs.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — December 21, 2007

Now we just wait for the killer wii app, which I suspect will be a lot more difficult than a bunch of wrapper classes. Nice possibilities though.

Comment by onlinefox — December 24, 2007

Simple multiplayer board games designed specially for Wii and using the above “Wii Opera SDK” can be found here – Proving the concept…

Comment by daNail — February 18, 2008

The gapjumper web application framework is also compatible with the Wii, although as a general cross-browser framework it doesn’t provide any Wii Opera specific functionality.

Comment by gapjumper — August 3, 2008

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