Monday, August 8th, 2005

Will Ajax Threaten Windows Desktop?

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We know our tech is hyped when the question asked is Will Ajax Threaten Windows Desktop?.

The Slashdot-ians have spoken everything that probably needs to be said there.

Ajax is great, but I don’t think it will be the deployment platform for every rich application that exists.

There IS Google Maps and Google Earth.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:38 pm

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The question here should not be the Window’s Desktop, but every desktop environment.

While AJAX is a very good technology, what I personally believe that AJAX+XUL/XAML will be the way of futute. Here is an oportuninity for Microsoft to prove once again that it is a good boy in community space. Microsoft and open communities should come together and agree on a common standard for XML User Interfaces. Otherwise we will have one app requiring on Mozilla runtime (XUL) and other requiring IE (XAML).

I see a very bright future for XUL/XAML provided they can inter operate.

Comment by Mir Nazim — August 9, 2005

Oh, god.

It’s NC all over again.

Ajax is not a replacement for the desktop (in the same way Mainframes and NCs weren’t either). There are lots of theories but in reality we have no idea what, if anything, will replace the desktop (I myself don’t think Mobile Phones, Tablets or PDAs will replace desktop machines either, for different reasons).

Ajax is great. It was great before it got re-christened with a cooler name and is even greater now that it’s caught on but it is just a new way of doing things. Ajax doesn’t replace, but complement and expands on existing methodologies. Same thing that happened with the web vs. printed media and between native applications vs. Java (both heated arguments, back in the day).

Why must every new invention pass through the routine of its adherents becoming religious about it and proclaiming the “death of XYZ as we know it”. Why can’t people realize that all technologies are evolutive and older technologies don’t usually stop being used (if anything, they become niche technologies, used for what they can do best).

I don’t know about other people, but for me an Ajax version of Photoshop would be moronic, for example.


Comment by Eduo — August 9, 2005

most people only use their desktop application to check email, do word processing, create spreadsheets, play games, and of course surf the web.

Sure AJAX can replace most of those things.

Comment by Hashim — August 9, 2005

When can we expect the next release of AJAX? I eagerly await its arival as the version I have seems outdated already.

Comment by John Paul — August 9, 2005

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