Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Windows Live: Microsoft accelerates their Web 2.0

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Tim O’Reilly was at a Microsoft press event in San Francisco to introduce the concept of “Live Software.”

Tim’s big takeaway was:

Microsoft is fully engaged with thinking about what I’ve called “Web 2.0.” They are focused on the internet as the platform, on software as a service, on creating rich experiences across multiple devices, on live update as a metaphor for both software and documents, on grassroots adoption as a result of user conversations. They are also very clearly focused on advertising as a new business model. We’re hearing all the Web 2.0 buzzwords: RSS, AJAX, social networking.


If you look at you will see what looks like the that came out of Microsoft a few months ago.

windows live

Windows Live Ideas

Windows Live Ideas is where you can check out the very latest Windows Live products.

To begin with we see a rebranding of products and new ones a like:

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Does this have anything to do with their It seems similar. And both seem to work like a charm in Firefox, actually.

Comment by Ralesk Ne’vennoyx — November 2, 2005

Ralesk, well, it was created by the same individuals.

Also, they’ve said will remain, but more as a “public sandbox” before they move things over to

Which means you’ll see the new stuff at first, before it gets moved to

From the blog [!1pTNqgeSRxwfEFK-lp62aiFQ!480.entry]:
“ will continue to exist… start will be our incubation bed, where we’ll contine to try out ideas and if we see our users like something we’ll put it on”

Comment by William Luu — November 2, 2005

How is advertising a “new” business model?

“Firefox users please be patient”
By definition, Firefox users gave up being patient with Microsoft long ago :)

Comment by MH — November 3, 2005

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