Friday, February 29th, 2008

Windows Live Teasers before Mix

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We are waiting for the big news at MIX, mainly revolving around IE 8. We have heard some reports from people who have IE 8 beta that the bugger is a bit of a disappointment, and that it hasn’t moved on too much from IE 7, but lets wait and see before passing judgement.

Today though, Dare Obasanjo posted a slew of Windows Live news on several APIs.

The big meta message is the fact that “Microsoft Standardizes on AtomPub”. Now I feel like it is time for me to open a pub in the valley and one in Seattle called “The AtomPub” ;)

On the JavaScript side we have the Windows Live Messenger Library where they implemented it in Script#:

The Messenger Library is written in C# and compiled into JavaScript using Script#. Messenger Library applications can be written in either C# (with Script#) or JavaScript. Messenger Library applications can be built using ASP.NET and ASP.NET Ajax, or they can be built independently of the .NET framework.

The code looks very C#-y:


  1. try {
  2.   var hash = window.location.hash.substr(1);
  3.   if (window.location.replace == null)
  4.     window.location.replace = window.location.assign;
  5.   window.location.replace("about:blank");
  6.   var name = hash.split("/")[0];
  7.   var win = null;
  8.   if (name && (name != ".parent"))
  9.     win = window.parent.frames[name];
  10.   else
  11.     win = window.parent.parent;
  12.   if (win.Microsoft) {
  13.          win.Microsoft.Live.Channels.Mux._recv_chunk(hash);
  14.   }
  15. } catch (ex) {
  16.   /* ignore */
  17. }

You can also use a high level widget to embed chat, which you can see on Dare’s space:

Windows Live Messenger

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That’s pretty cool. Pardon my ignorance but is there a way to do that with any of the other messengers (aim, google, yahoo)?

Comment by JonBad — February 29, 2008

I think that you can do that with Meebo.

Comment by Andy Kant — February 29, 2008

If you open “The AtomPub” Seattle I will be your best customer and proponent.

I can also build, staff, and manage your bar, if you’d like. Does Seattle have a good geek bar? Damn, that would be awesome. I actually know someone looking to open a location right now, drop me a line.


Comment by Charles — February 29, 2008

If you want that chat widget on your own site, go to the The Windows Live Messenger IM Control page. There you can create easily you own widget.
It is a iframe thing…

Comment by ibmos2warp — March 1, 2008

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