Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

WinLike: Window Manager for the Web

Category: Showcase

Ryan Petrain commented on Protopage and linked over to WinLike, a window manager for the browser:

WinLIKE is the first professional Window-Manager for web browsers. With WinLIKE, developers can provide web applications, websites and portals with little windows – like you are used to from your desktop.
WinLIKE is based on DHTML and is only 27 kB in size. It works without any plugins in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape Navigator 6.1 or higher and other related browsers (Mozilla 0.92, Firebird 0.7, Galeon, Avant etc.) and also Lynx or search engines.
Neither web servers or databases nor script languages like ASP, PHP etc. are needed, but supported. WinLIKE-sites are standard HTML-sites and even work from your hard disk.

Have fun moving around portals and playing with windows. Very clean.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:31 pm
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