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WiseMapping: More Ajax Mind Mapping

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WiseMapping is the latest Ajax mind mapping tool developed by Paulo Veiga and three friends.

Wise Mapping is a free web mind mapping tool that leverages the power of Mind Maps mixing new technologies like vectorial languages (SVG and VML) and the power of the whole Web 2.0 concept. The tools uses SVG and VML which allows straightforward vector graphics animation without the need of installing any plug-in.

We asked Paulo about the development experience.

The main challenge was to develop an abstraction layer between SVG and VML (there was no open source framework to do this at the time we started working on the project) in order to support multiple browsers such as IE and Firefox/Opera (some efforts are being made at the moment to support Safari 3.0.4+). Using this layer for the core for the client side, a very intuitive, simple, nice looking, full Drag and Drop enabled graphical mind map editor is provided.

All the UI is powered by Mootools using DWR for the Ajax interaction with a backend made with Java 1.6 with Web Spring for MVC layer and Hibernate.

There have been some reports that VML is broken on IE 8. Hopefully this is a beta 1 bug, as without that legacy support, a bunch of applications (including this one) will not work.

There seem to be many mind mapping tools in Ajax, second only to RSS readers.


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Click. Firefox 3 Unsupported? Un-click. :)

I already sent them feedback…

Comment by codedread — March 12, 2008

Hi coderead,

We are working on supporting Firefox 3. SVG support on Firefox 3 is amazing and we will support it in a very short term. It’s one of our priorities for the next release.

Please, feel free to send us what issues are experiencing. !

Comment by pveiga — March 12, 2008

too bad, none of the mind mapping tool can be downloaded and integrated into third party software like our project management software, cuz it will be a great asset to have for teams to sketch out their ideas under their respective projects.

Comment by Liming — March 12, 2008

Hi Liming,
I’m one of the Wise Mapping co-founders. As the Post says, we are providing a free service and our only financial income is from our user’s donations. Nevertheless, we are open to partnerships and other kind of collaborations with other applications, and sites. Please don’t hesitate on getting in contact with me if you are interested.

Comment by Pablol — March 12, 2008

as long as the authors of the site are watching these comments, perhaps I should note that they could drop ~9 K off of the gzip size of that massive 300K (unzipped) js file by running it through ShrinkSafe or the YUI compressor.

Comment by slightlyoff — March 13, 2008

Hi Slighlyoff,

All JS files and the HTML are gzip and some JS files are compressed.
We leave a couple of files without compress for debugging purpose.

However, thanks a lot for the advice. Please, fell free to send us suggestions to


Comment by pveiga — March 13, 2008

Hehehe, what surprise me is:

developed by Paulo Veiga and three friends.

If you like mind maps and you use Zope perhaps you’ll like ZSM a zope product to see the zope tree as a mind map

For now is a Zope project but the javascript library is independent. Perhaps some day I publish it alone (it uses JSON to get the data)

For now the library only renders the tree but I have a quasi finished version with edition (I publish it in the next few weeks)

It uses DHTML, javascript, prototype, scriptaculous and modalbox, not flash or java or similar

Now this website is off-line or, at least, I can access it (firefox timeout error)

Note for the webmaster of this site: first you ask me to register to your website to publish a comment and the you ask me for a captcha, paranoic mode?

Comment by Garito — March 13, 2008

I don’t see the point of these mind mapping websites. To me it just looks like a way to show off your Ajax skills. I have never seen a practical use for any of these.

Comment by musicfreak — March 13, 2008

Under my point of view a mind map is useful if you need to see a lot of information at the same time

I create ZSM as an IDE+debugger to Yanged. Yanged is like a lego game to program

You could see an object as an individual or as a lot of parts that forms it and then a global view of the parts is very important

Comment by Garito — March 14, 2008

I have tried WiseMapping. It is good tools for mind mapping since it is free and easy to use with useful icons (the developer should add some other icons like number for 1 to 9 which user can use and add as priority of tasks when mapping).

Comment by LookingSoftware — April 17, 2008

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