Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Word Complete 1.0

Category: Component

Hakan Bilgin has created Wordcomplete, a component that allows you to add autocomplete in words in a text area.

Hot Keys

  • Up Arrow: Previous match
  • Down Arrow: Next Match
  • TAB: Accept suggested word
  • ESC: Toggles the auto complete

Word Complete auto completes words based on the characters the user has typed and shows them by autocompleting and selecting that area.

28 languages are supported, including special characters specific to the languages.

I have chosen to limit the dictionary size to ~30 Kb, but there isn’t any noticeable change in performance with bigger dictionaries.

One upcoming feature is red waves under unrecognized words.

I think the dictionary needs to be a bit larger, as rather than getting common words (like ‘and’) when typing ‘an’ you can the spanish ‘ananas’ :)

I also was a little shocked at the completion for ‘fu’ :/


Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:10 pm

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This is absolutely awesome!!!

Comment by ctran — September 23, 2005

It doesn’t appear to work with Opera 8.5 though.

Comment by MikeW — September 24, 2005

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