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World Cup Predictions with

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The world cup starts this week, so now is the time to get your predictions in! is an Ajax app tracking predictions for the upcoming tournament. There’s some nice use of Ajax here, and fortunately creator Alexander Kozle has produced a walkthrough of its features.

  • There’s a custom CSS stylesheet defined for each team, so fans will have
    the interface presented in their favourite colours.
  • The main page of predictions is a high-level view. When editing
    predictions, there’s a popup from the full page, showing additional details
    such as venues.

  • Using Yahoo’s Connection Manager, saving is performed with standard Ajax
    remoting. The message format is JSON.
  • There’s a sweet adaption of the ol’ Tag Cloud, to produce a kind of Football
    Field Cloud. Teams that win more games get bigger fonts.

Good luck with and the upcoming world cup. Before attempting your, please make sure you can satisfy the terms of use, as stated on the homepage:

* I’m loving football
* I wish my favourite team success at World Cup 2006
* I know football much better than ALL my friends and colleagues

Update: Commenters point out two more Ajax world cup predicors, both of them Ajax (!): This one by, and this independent effort.

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Hi all, i also tried to make a world cup simultor using javascript and ajax…
i would be happy if u have a look at it :

another version with registration a database storage of results :

i apologize if you think my post is advertising and apologize again for for my really bad english

Comment by Cam — June 7, 2006

Probably not a soccer fan, or you would know that the once in a four year event starts this week. Two days after your post was published.

Comment by Dee Zsombor — June 8, 2006


Nice article but the WM starts tomorrow not next week ;-)

Comment by H@nnib@l — June 8, 2006

the prediction sound quite reasonable to me.
Brazil will most likely win his time

Comment by Mike — June 8, 2006

the predictions sound quite reasonable to me.
Brazil will most likely win his time

Comment by Mike — June 8, 2006

[…]Ajax world cup predicors, both of them Ajax[…]

A bit redundant?

Comment by Leszek Swirski — June 8, 2006

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The page discusses and has a useful demonstration of Markov Chain
Monte Carlo estimation, using the Soccer World Cup as an example.
It’s also a bit different in that it analyzes betting odds as well in
an attempt to identify “good” bets.

Runs entirely within the browser showing a constantly updating chart
of probabilities as they are refined.

Comment by mouser — June 11, 2006


Comment by SEXI — June 27, 2006

I feel the finals will be between Germany and Brazil and Brazil will won this .

Comment by Waseem — June 30, 2006


Comment by saheed — July 1, 2006

i think brazil will be champion.

Comment by nassiri — July 1, 2006

Yes,Italy will win World Cup 2006.

Comment by Maldinix — July 7, 2006

Vision..guess you were right.

Comment by William — February 27, 2007

I thought brazil or argentina would win it, mainly because they seem to be the best sides. Just goes to show that it may not be the best teams that win trophies but the teams that can grind out results! nice forecast system.

Comment by Redditch — August 3, 2007

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