Friday, December 19th, 2008

Write your own Yahoo! BrowserPlus service with new SDK

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Lloyd Hilalel and the Yahoo! BrowserPlus team have released a BrowserPlus SDK which allows you to easily create your own services:

We’re extremely happy to announce the availability of the BrowserPlus SDK. This first SDK and the accompanying documentation gives you all the tools you’ll need to start extending the web using BrowserPlus. Getting started is easy, you can hop over to our tutorial and write your first service in about 15 minutes.

In addition to the SDK, we’ve pushed a new platform version, 2.1.14, that fixes several bugs reported by all of you. We deeply appreciate your continued contributions and hope with the SDK and our ongoing process of open sourcing BrowserPlus we’ll empower you to contribute even more to the project.

A Ruby example service is shown:

  1. class MyGreatServiceInstance  
  2.    def initialize(context)  
  3.    end  
  5.    def HelloWorld(transaction, args)  
  6.      transaction.complete("Hello #{args['who']} from my great service!")  
  7.    end  
  8.  end  
  10.  rubyCoreletDefinition = {  
  11.    'class' => "MyGreatServiceInstance",  
  12.    'name' => "MyGreatService",  
  13.    'major_version' => 0,  
  14.    'minor_version' => 0,  
  15.    'micro_version' => 1,  
  16.    'documentation' => 'A GREAT service.',  
  17.    'functions' =>  
  18.    [  
  19.      {  
  20.        'name' => 'HelloWorld',  
  21.        'documentation' => "Say \"hello\" to the world",  
  22.        'arguments' => [  
  23.          {  
  24.            'name' => 'who',  
  25.            'type' => 'string',  
  26.            'documentation' => 'who you want to say hello to',  
  27.            'required' => true  
  28.          }  
  29.        ]  
  30.      }    
  31.    ]  
  32.  }

There is also a new service released:

Welcome the new Zipper service to our collection! A big problem with some web apps today is being able to efficiently attach all file types. Zipper plays nicely with Uploader and lets you compress files or folders on the client before uploading them. This service should be considered alpha, and we look forward to your feedback and ideas on how to make this more useful. We’ve got lots of ideas of which way to take this service (lzma being first and foremost), but would love to hear your thoughts.

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