Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Writeboard: One App. One Url.

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Somehow I also missed the blog about 37signals Writeboard, but found it thanks to Russell Beattie.

What makes a web-app an app? I’d argue it’s not the functionality — there’s a lot of functionality on the web that we wouldn’t explicitly consider a “web-app.� I’d argue it’s the account, the infrastructure, the multi-page UI, the navigation between elements, the billing, the overview pages, etc. That’s the stuff that makes a web-app an app.

Now, what if we removed all of that? What if a web-application looked more like a web-document? What if the whole “application� was a single document, a single URL? What if the interface was one page? No account, no preferences, no settings, no “navigation� in the traditional sense. What if you could email it around just as you do a photo or a file attachment?

TrimPath has been doing this for awhile via TrimJunction, and they even use the technique named: SPADE: Single Page Application and Development Environment. The difference there is that with SPADE you can change the app itself.

An example is Next Action.

Notice the ‘show me the code’ link at the bottom. Play around with that.

Anyway, looking forward to what 37 Signals come up with in Writeboard.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:46 am
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