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We posted about back in December and Scott Jehl continues to update the site with cool new features. This time around Scott’s added a nifty print preview tool which leverages jQuery UI’s latest release candidate.

Printing on WriteMaps has always been more difficult than I’d like it to be. Some browsers helpfully tile a large sitemap across several printed pages while others simply print a crop of the top left portion of the map. Since the majority of browsers seem to do the latter, I’ve received numerous messages requesting better print control and I’ve been working hard at figuring out a good solution.

Scott created a custom print preview screen which gives WriteMap users a visual of what will be printed. By using jQuery UI, the print preview allows you to drag your sitemap into a the print area as well zoom in or out for better appearance.

This tool becomes particularly useful for printing large sitemaps, because you can drag and zoom your sitemap around to bring different sections of your sitemap into the printable area. This allows you to make printed tiles of your map which can be pieced together after printing. Here’s what the print preview looks like:

You can check out the feature using the WriteMaps demo link

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Hmm, it’s an impressive feature, but even with this, you can’t easily split the content across pages. Sadly this is still an area where flash has a leg up over pure-browser solutions.

Comment by Joeri — May 1, 2008

You can print flash content?

Comment by AndyB — May 1, 2008

would be cool if you could export the sitemap in sitemap format for google / yahoo / ask / etc.

Comment by boodie — May 1, 2008

@boodie: Yep, that’s in there. The app’s file menu lets you export an xml sitemap for google/yahoo, etc.

Comment by ScottJehl — May 1, 2008

As I haven’t found any appropriate topic I am trying to learn here. When the web site of UI jQuery will be completely released?

Comment by ClausV — May 5, 2008

how can i use the same in I saved the web page and tried to have the preview, but it is showing.. “Loading..” only and giving javascript permission error in IE8.
how can we fix this issue

Comment by prashanthganathe — August 21, 2009

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