Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Writing a desktop application with Ext, AIR, Aptana, and Red Bull

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Jack Slocum has kicked off his new Ext JS blog with an entry on his experience writing an application with Ext JS, AIR, Aptana, and lots of Red Bull.

As part of the experience Jack has created Ext.air.MainWindow which makes your AIR window look like a Ext.Window.

Jack actually created two versions, the online one actually uses Google Gears, and he abstracted the database access via

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Does anybody else think “Jack Slocum” sounds like a pseudonym?

Comment by Andrew — July 2, 2007

Well, the guy does kick ass like an action hero, so the cool name fits ;)

Comment by Ron — July 2, 2007 for community based AIR support. Lots of coders, lots of help. Check it out.

Comment by Delixe — July 2, 2007

week after week you seem to read my mind with these posts. How did you know I was wondering about this? lol

Comment by justin — July 3, 2007

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