Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

WWW SQL Designer

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A nice chap in Prague has created a WWW SQL Designer, that gives you a cool graphical, dragable, view of your database schema.

One fun part is the bottom right corner of the application. This area shows you the entire canvas of your tables, and allows you to move the red square around to view that particular area (which makes sense if you have a LOT of tables and can’t view them all on one screen). Very nicely done.

SQL Designer Demo


Download SQL Designer

We discussed another db tool in the past: Turbo Ajax: turboDbAdmin Ajaxian Db Tool

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Very nice! Glad to find a standalone web-app for this! (I just saw the previous one mentioned now too). I use Dreamweaver, so I’ve been using InterAKT MX Query Builder http://www.interaktonline.com/Products/Dreamweaver-Extensions/MXQueryBuilder/Overview/ , which has been DHTML/AJaX-ish for a long time.

Comment by Chris Charlton — October 4, 2005

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A very nice introduction, thank you! I was searching for some web-based database ER diagram tools and landed on your page.

I also managed to find out another company doing a similar one with collaboration features included, in addition to the visual database modeling stuff:


Have you tried that? Any comments?

Comment by MBrossard — October 27, 2008

Oh sorry for my typo above, the product is called SchemaBank, their web site is:


Comment by MBrossard — October 27, 2008

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