Monday, September 15th, 2008

World Wide Web Foundation Announced

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced a new World Wide Web Foundation:

To encourage those communities to come together, I am pleased to unveil tonight a new Foundation, the World Wide Web Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is:

  • to advance One Web that is free and open,
  • to expand the Web’s capability and robustness,
  • and to extend the Web’s benefits to all people on the planet.

The Web Foundation will bring together business leaders, technology innovators, academia, government, NGOs, and experts in many fields to tackle challenges that, like the Web, are global in scale. The Web Foundation is in the unique position of being able to learn from the results of projects to accelerate the evolution of the Web.

This is very different from the fairly new Open Web Foundation, and of course different to the W3C itself, but man there are a lot of foundations to keep track of now. All good though I am sure! :)

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Comment by jamiethompson — September 15, 2008

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