Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

xajax 0.2 Stable Released

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J. Max Wilson of xajax has released version 0.2 stable of the PHP Ajax framework.

Some of the changes

  • The character encoding method for the XML response data will now honor the XAJAX_DEFAULT_CHAR_ENCODING constant defined in “xajax.inc.php” by default. To change a specific XML response, use the setCharEncoding() method to specify the encoding method. Note that this will be ignored when multiple XML responses are joined via the loadXML() method (see below).
  • Added loadXML() which will join the response commands of the supplied response object to the object whose method is being called. In other words, if you call loadXML on response A and pass in response B, the commands of response B will be added to response A after response A’s existing commands.
  • Added addRedirect() so you can easily change the page being viewed in the client browser (courtesy of Gilles vd Hoven).
  • Added methods addEvent(), addHandler(), addRemoveHandler() which allow you to attach Javascript event code and event handlers to HTML elements dynamically.
  • Added addIncludeScript() which can instruct the client to load a new Javascript file from a URL dynamically.
  • Added addInsert() which allows you to insert a new HTML element before an existing one.
  • Added addCreateInput() and addInsertInput() which allow you to construct form controls dynamically (note that addCreate() should no longer be used for this purpose and its $sType parameter has been depricated).
  • The XML structure for each command is much simpler and highly compressed in order to cut down on transfer size. The new _cmdXML() method aids in formation of command elements and is used throught the class, and it’s recommended you utilize it in your xajaxResponse subclasses (if any) as much as possible. Further details of the new XML structure will be posted on the xajax Wiki.

Upgrading to 0.2 should be a breeze, or if you are new to it check out the tutorial

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hehe, nice to see my name popping up on my favorite ajax blog :) Good work mr Wilson!

Comment by Gilles — January 4, 2006

Hi good to seee

Comment by Rahul — January 4, 2006


Comment by Rahul — January 4, 2006

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