Monday, December 5th, 2005

xajax tutorial and demos: Ajax with PHP made easy

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Marco van Hylckama Vlieg has put together a nice tutorial on the PHP framework xajax.

The tutorial walks through the creation of a server-side PHP xajax function, and the magic of the xajaxResponse class.

Then things are wrapped up with:

$objAjax = new xajax();


xajax update

A new version of xajax is coming with the features:

  • New error handling: Non-fatal PHP errors can now be easily trapped and written to a log file or displayed in an alert dialog in the client.
  • OOP: You can now register instance and static class methods to be callable through xajax. This is essential to make it easy to add xajax to many OOP CMS solutions.
  • Internationalization: xajax defaults to use UTF-8, but we’ve added the ability to set the charset to whatever you need to.
  • External Function Registration: you can now register functions in external .php files and xajax will dynamically include the file and call the function only if it is requested.


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I was there at the conference where Marco did his presentation and it definitely prompted me to download xajax and check it out. Quite charming, that’s for sure!

Comment by stefan — December 5, 2005

I made Russian version of this xajax demo site on library version 0.2.4

Comment by Greg — September 21, 2006

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