Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

XAMJ: Another entry into the XML world

Category: Java

XAMJ is the latest entry into the category of “XML application markup languages”. It joins Microsoft’s XAML, Macromedia’s MXML, Mozilla’s XUL, etc etc.

XAMJ is all about Java, and its motivation was:

  • Open source
  • Cross platform
  • Easy to transition to
  • Java based
  • Secure
  • Low bandwidth GUI
  • Compiled
  • Not too tied to a GUI Framework

XAMJ is an XML markup language for web pages and standalone GUI applications. XAMJ pages are generally served over http much like HTML. There is currently a prototype browser for XAMJ named Warrior which is itself written in XAMJ.

Ajax has a lot of competition from these worlds…. or are they just other tools in the toolbox?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:02 pm

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Here we go again with “Not invented here” syndrome.

I really think we can do more than it has currently been done with current technologies, developers should focus on developing interesting features end users really need not an infinite amount of new technology standard companies can’t have time to learn or adopt.

Comment by DivByZero — June 2, 2005

By that same reasoning, why would someone invent Java when there was already C/C++, and assembly language for that matter? You see, it’s not important that people are resistant to change. A lot of times that doesn’t get in the way of innovation. The train has left the station. Besides, if innovation is not carried out by open source projects, isn’t it obvious that something like XAML combined with Microsoft’s deployment power will just kill HTML?

Comment by Jose — June 2, 2005

I’m not against innovation :) I’m against waste of time, I’m against reinventing the wheel each time. See … i love opensource and the company where I work release lots of code OS, what I don’t like (or better, don’t understand, then anybody can do what they want) is that in the OS world everyone want to start it’s own project instead of helping improving existing projects which already works. This is just a big help for microsoft. What does this project allow you to do actually which is not already possible with current technologies ? I mean, perhaps I’m wrong, surely this project is great, perfectly coded and it’s a great idea … but how many enterprises are going to adopt it ?
How many project regardi Ajax+PHP have you seen start in the last 2 months ? And how many of them after the first 30 release in 2 week are still being actively developed ? Nearly none of them and some are really great … yet each day a new ajax+php project is started, that’s what I really don’t like :)

Comment by DivByZero — June 2, 2005

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