Thursday, March 1st, 2007

X/HTML 5 Interview

Category: Standards

Ian Hickson (Hixie) has been interviewed regarding X/HTML 5.

There is some good stuff in the interview including:

  • New datagrid “which is a tree view/list view control with built-in support for AJAX-backed data stores, so you can do something like the typical Webmail view of all your tens of thousands of e-mails, but instead of only showing 20 at a time, you can just scroll through all of them, without having to actually download them all until they’re needed.”
  • Offline indicator: A simple API to ask if you are on or offline. There was talk of this with the Apollo team. It turned out to be a harder problem than Adobe thought, and there are levels of checking (are you on a network. are you on an intranet. etc).
  • Cross domain and cross frame communication
  • Scoped CSS: Wouldn’t it be nice to say ‘style this content with these rules’? This way you could have the user generated content in a nice sandbox (e.g. RSS reader)

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I found I cool voting wordpress widget that also displays avatars. As we your loyal readers already vote on your posts, how about installing this widget/plug-in and letting see who is voting! is the url of the website.

Comment by Mike Wheel — March 1, 2007

Interesting article. Ian Hickson does well to respond sensibly to some extraordinarily stupid statements by the interviewer…

“One of the biggest problems with HTML is that content authors can get away with writing tag soup.”
“In the minds of most people, HTML is dead”

Comment by Silly — March 4, 2007

Apple wrote a blog about HTML 5 titled “HTML Standards Process Returning from the Grave”:

You can only return from the grave if you are dead. HTML in the minds of most people is dead. The WHAT group is trying to resurrect it.

Comment by Sven — March 9, 2007

Suggestion for the HTML 5 WG
What would be really great from a security perspective with HTML 5 is a user content sandbox. This should be a new tag: do what ever you want here, it can’t affect whats outside of the sandbox”.

This should completely block all XSS-attacks.

Comment by Frode Børli — October 19, 2007

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