Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Xignite: TIBCO GI Application

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Xignite is a public financial web services application that uses TIBCO GI at its core.

Due to its history, many of the TIBCO GI deployments are behind corporate firewalls, but Xignite is showcasing its financial web services with a great TIBCO GI example. The source code for the Ajax app is availableand it shows what it means to build a full-fledged Ajax application (as opposed to enrich HTML pages with Ajax features).

A side effect feature is also interesting in its own right. You will notice the smart tour guide that can take you for a ride, or watch what you are doing and give you some information. This could be a nice learning tool for your application, as long as you do go as far as Clippy.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:08 am

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I took a look at it a few days ago and was very impressed with it. But developing an application on this scale takes a lot of time and learning of the framework, and is not something for the faint of heart. But very interesting indeed!

Comment by Dirk — April 2, 2007

This is great. Now I have a chance too see somebodies else Ajax app sources. I mean I’m writing an Ajax app myself and I just feel that there are huge amount of places where I’m doing it completely wrong. Although there are many articles on some parts of web apps development, there are even books that demonstrates you the whole live cicle of Ajax project, but all those books and articles are just a tear in an ocean of experience that you need to have to write a good Ajax application.
I’ll give it a five for the source code… wish there would be more.

Comment by Sergej Andrejev — April 2, 2007

Tibco praises itself as enterprise-worthy. Why is it then that it can’t display a message when it believes it cannot run on a specific browsers? A blank gray screen is very disappointing.

Also, even on Firefox Xignite has some serious visual bugs. At least one looks like an unavoidable browser bug, others are avoidable.

Comment by Martin — April 2, 2007

Martin, thanks for the feedback. Is there anything more specific you could provide regarding the serious visual bugs? I’m aware of the scrollbar bleed-through (which is a known Firefox issue). It’s just that I’m on my Mac right now, looking at the application and I’m just not seeing the serious Firefox bugs you mention. The more specific you are, the more constructive this forum can be for everyone who reads it. I think we’re all here to learn from one another, both the good and the bad.

Comment by luke — April 3, 2007

Instead of focusing on the bugs, inefficiencies, lack ofs etc, how about providing some constructive feedback? Have nothing to say? Don’t say anything! As simple as that!

Comment by Josh Molina — May 21, 2007

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